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Hey world....


There are still a bunch of you who have me friended. I take this to mean that either you are very bad at pruning your flists or you are better friends than I deserve.

Anyway, I don't know if I'll be coming back to LJ any time soon...I have this weird guilt thing going on where the longer I stay away, the more guilty I feel for being gone, and it just starts seeming easier to not even visit. Which is stupid, I know. Sorry everybody :(

But I just wanted to say "hi" to everyone. I miss LJ still and you all were a really big part of my life.

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So that's the brief on, what about all of you? I've missed so much...but what's going on in your lives?

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I'm Alive!!!!

Hey all! It's (not) Phen! I'm just checking in to apologize for being a very, very bad phen.

I'm all finished w/ school...forever!!!! (we hope) I even have a real job and a real apartment, which I'm currently furnishing. I am, officially, an "adult." Yay me!

I had a awesome week w/ elizabuffy, who loves me tons and tons. She is so insanely awesome. I don't know how I could have made it w/o her.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that I'm still alive and kicking, even if I am a recalcitrant LJ friend.



note to flistians not also on the amazing elizabuffy's flist: this is actually miss eb, as she thought the world needed to know how phen was doing.
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Thank you to everyone who gave me LJ valentines btw! One was anonymous, but in addition to the kind anonymous one, thanks to lawyergirl15 and elizabuffy. *hugs* thank you both! And of these days I really will have to start catching up with you, I swear! made me smile, and even though it's now a month later, I just wanted you to know!
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PLEASE HELP! Need volunteers to talk to an AI

Hello all!

I'm working on a project for one of my classes, but had low participation, so I was hoping some on my trusty flist might be willing to help!

I need people willing to:

1) Talk to an AI for 10 minutes
2) Talk to the human the AI was designed after for 10 minutes
3) Fill out a short survey comparing the two

All you need is Yahoo IM or MSN Messenger. Both the real person and the AI will talk using the account virtual_girl_11235813 (same name yahoo or MSN). At least 5 minutes will be needed between times to change from human to AI or vise versa. Also, I need to know when to tell either to be on and I'll need to know what account you'll be using so whichever knows to expect you.

I can set up appointments for you to do it this thursday night, friday night or some time on saturday. Please let me know what times you can do it in Pacific Standard time just so we're on the same page :)

I'd really appreciate your help! Here are more details:

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Please comment if you'd be willing to help! Pass on to any friends who might be interested too...I know this is last minute since the times are in the next few days, but I really need some more participants.
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*dies* stuff I found while googling "Phendog"

So...googling my name today I found out that one of my fics has been translated into Chinese! Um...well they didn't ask my permission, but WOOT! I mean, it's uber flattering, right?

Links here and here.

Of course since I couldn't read Chinese, I had no idea which one.


It seems it's my horrible, horrible Men in Black one (found if you scroll down on this page) *headdesk*

Seriously...of all the stories to represent me in another language, why THAT one?

Also, if I can believe it...the first death by a thon was one of the 10 most popular lj posts in all of april 2005!

Also...this is an interesting tool...though I'm not sure everyone who has their friend of list hidden would appreciate you using it. Still, for anyone who cares whether or not it's truly private, it seems this would indicate it's not.
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When You see the White Flash Duck and Cover...Nuclear Safety for Children wonder my parent's generation were scared silly...and yet, good luck with the covering yourself with a newspaper. Yep, that'll help.

*L* One of our profs showed this to made me laugh :) Worth a watch!

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You know, it's kinda interesting my generation really isn't that fearful of such things. Maybe because we're complacent, maybe because when we were born it was just a fact of life?
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Cinder Ellas

Saw Happily N'Ever After last night (voicers include Sarah Michelle Geller and her husband). Very, Very cute! Though can I just saw that the evil stepmother is HOT? I mean Rick and Ella are cute, but...

And now I'm watching Rogers and Hammerstien's Cinderella as performed by Brandi, Whoopi Goldberg, etc. My favorite song is from this actually (My Own Little Corner). But my mind is exploding...That's great that the queen is black and her husband is white, but how the hell is their son Asian? I mean, I didn't take many genetics courses, but...