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Procrastination Central

Insanabile cacoethes scribendi - An Incurable Passion to Write.

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HI YOU!!! Yay! You’re visiting me! I'll assume it's because you care. *grin*

Okay, so I guess I'm supposed to share some personal info. Hmm....well let's see...I'm an electrical engineer (can you believe it! I can actually write in normal ppl talk outside the technical jargon...sometimes ;^)

I live in a state named after a President. I belong to a computer named "Slate" and a kitty named "Mocha Almond Smudge" (actually the kitty lives two states away...I don't have custody, but I visit!).

You may notice there's one particular person I dedicate all of my fics to...trust me, it's not to flatter her, but rather to blame her for my obsession...this really IS all her fault! She's also entirely responsible for my corrupted, evil side, known as "PhenDog." So if you read my stuff...either thank ElizaBuffy or blame her... Others may claim to be, but she will always be my true #1 fan!

As an update to that, how do you
1) tell when you've become slightly too ASH obsessed?
2) tell when you have crossed the line in bonding w/your beta?

Answer: when you get matching Eyghon tattoos!

Please be warned:


One Last Apocalypse (Multiple Pairings) R, post Ats:
Set in the aftermath of the AtS Series finale. Now that the legions have been loosed on the Earth, the war will begin…WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS! also WIP!

DESTINY’S SOULMATES BOOK I: Heartfelt Gifts Series aka my massive epic… (G/B) R:
In the aftermath of Buffy’s sacrifice, the Slayer and her Watcher find that sometimes the gifts we give can be even more profound and far-reaching than we intend them to be. WIP!

Just Enough (G/S) NC-17:
Having lost that which defines them, a Watcher and a vampire find that together they can forget the loneliness and discover meaning and comfort in each other. Slash, Bloodplay

A Little Bit More (G/S) NC-17:
In an attempt to take their relationship just a little bit further, Giles and Spike find themselves taking a step they never intended. (Sequel to Just Enough) Slash, Bloodplay

Bound (G/E) NC-17:
Ripper and Ethan claim one another and establish a bond not meant to be broken. Slash, Bondage

This Christmas (G/X) PG:
Xander recounts how Christmas has been a special time for him and Giles over the years and how their relationship has flourished and changed. Slash

Peek Into the Future (G/B) NC-17:
(This is a “Peek into the Future” for all the fans of my Destiny’s Soulmates Series that are getting frustrated waiting for the B/G action…it’s roughly a part of the same arc, though it takes place a way into the future and should really be taken as a stand alone.) Picture the stars, the moon, and the sound of the waves a few hundred feet away…then mix in some hot B/G sex!!! Buffy and Giles spend a steamy night alone together on the beach.

Sometimes When It Rains (G/OC, G/B) G:
Giles reflects on the rain, his homeland, and the bittersweet memories of his past.

Betrayal and Defiance (Giles/no-ship) PG:
If the Watcher trainee Rupert Giles ever wants to be allowed in the field, he must face his first actual vampire. Unfortunately, the game’s about to get a whole lot deadlier…

Cancelled (Spike/Angel, death of Jordan Levin) PG:
Angel and Spike discover they’ve been cancelled. At journey’s end, they want their revenge… General Weirdness

Dreaming and Waking (Buffy/no-ship) PG:
Buffy may have escaped after waking up in her coffin, but she can’t escape the dreams that follow… Not a happy story!

Fade To Black (G/B) PG-13:
When Giles becomes trapped in the world of his mind, Buffy becomes his only connection to the outside world, and his only chance to find his way back. Not a happy story!

On the Eve of Ragnarok-800 Words (G/?!) PG:
Giles reflects that even when death is a way of life, some deaths are harder than others…
Not a happy story!

Sir Reginald the Vampire Slayer (Sir Reginald [cat], death of Angel) PG:
Sir Reginald does what he can to make the world safe for felinekind...

Kitty, Kitty (G/B) G:
The newest member of the family wants to make sure it’s a night Buffy and Giles will never forget!

Plot? What Plot? (G/B) NC-17:
Look at the title. Figure it out. It’s a salute to all stories of the genre where the sex is plentiful and the plot bunnies are an endangered species.

Four Useless Drabbles (G/B) G:
Four drabbles and a few sentences of Giles’ POV regarding staying around in Sunnydale Post-Season 5. Not a happy story!

How the Pizzabox Came to be on the Floor (B/R) G...sorta:
A 200 word challenge response meeting the requirements of B/R, G-rated PWP involving handcuffs and a pizzabox.

Many more of my fics can be found here in my memories!

Also! Yay! Somebody loves me:

And some more pretty things from Bodice Ripper Awards!

Shades of Grey!

Fade to Black

And The Futureverse!

Thanks all!

-Phoenix the Firebird, a.k.a. "PhenDog"

Also, joined a few fanlistings in a moment of insantity...here they are:

DIFFERENT FOLK - Common Rotation FanlistingTALK TO YOU - music for elevators fanlistingCHAMELEON - Anthony Stewart Head FanlistingFALLING - Buffy/Giles Fanlisting
CHAMPAGNE - Manchild FanlistingSLIGHTLY STRANGE - Little Britian FanlistingCLUELESS - James FanlistingSILENS VIR - Wesley Wyndham-Pryce Fanlisting
SLAYER'S EMPIRE - Buffy the Vampire Slayer FanlistingCHAOS - the characters of Buffy FanlistingFOR THE LOVE OF JOSS - Joss Whedon FanlistingTHE HARDEST THING - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5 Fanlisting
THE CHOICES WE MAKE - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3 FanlistingPRINCE CHARMING - Alexis Denisof FanlistingWELCOME TO THE NANCY TRIBE- Giles and Spike Fanlisting
ONE OF MANY - the Buffy Series Finale FanlistingAND OCCASIONALLY FROLIC  – The Buffy/Giles Fanfic ListingHELLO RIPPER – The Giles/Ethan Fanlisting
COFFEE - The ASH/Giles CliqueI LIKE…BOOKS - The Rupert Giles FanlistingFORMOSUS et SOPHUS - The Rupert Giles Fixation FanlistingBLOODY LIBRARIANS – The Ripper Clique
SPONTANEOUS - The NC-17 Fanfic Fanlisting
STAY AND GLOAT – The Ethan FanlistingMARK OF EYGHON – The Fanlisting for the Rivalry between Giles and EthanFOREVER AND A DAY - The BTVS Friendship ListingJELLIES - The Rupert Giles Fanlisting
MAGIC BOX SHOPPERS - The Magic Box FanlistingTEA WITH LEMON – Rupert Giles’ Citroen FanlistingWHERE THE BOOKS LIVE – The Sunnydale High Library Fanlisting

And then there's my other interests (I have others? Shocking, isn't it!)

THE TRUTH - The X-Files FanlistingSOULMATES - The Mulder and Scully Fanlisting
AQUILUS-PARDUS - The Penny-Arcade FanlistingADVENTURERS - The Amazing Race FanlistingACTION HERO - The Indiana Jones FanlistingFOXEY - The Foxtrot FanlistingIRON CHEF – The Iron Chef Fanlisting
MINTY! – The Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Fanlisting
YUM! – The Spaghetti Fanlisting SLURP! – The Ramen Fanlisting TROPICAL – The Fruit Fanlisting JAFFAHOLICS ANONYMOUS – The Jaffa Cakes Fanlisting
GOOGLED TIL MORNING – The Google Fanlisting GOOGLE MAIL – The Gmail Fanlisting

Days until Bush leaves office.

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